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Domain Enquiries
To find out availability and register a domain with us, please contact us at
Registration Pricing
Our charge for maintaining your registration is £25.00 for a 2 year period. We do not charge for cancellations, changes of registration or transfers.
Domain Registration
If you wish to register a domain name, please contact us at

Please note that all Domain Registrations are subject to our Terms and Condtions including the Terms and Conditions set out by the registrar Nominet

To read our terms and conditions, visit Terms and Condtions.

Domain Renewals
We will either renew your domain at you request and we will send a reminder 30, 15 and 1 days prior to the renewal date or you can instruct us to automatically renew but with an option to cancel this instruction 30 days prior to renewal date.

Please note: If a domains is mot renewed before the expiry date, you will be notified by us accordingly and you will be allowed up to 30 days before the registration is suspended by Nominet which means related hosting services will stop functioning. Beyond this period Nominet allow a grace period and will place your domain into a state of suspension for a further 60 days at which point the domain will become Cancelled and made ordinarily available for registration.

Note: You should expect to receive a response with a few hours and no more than 5 days.

Domain Transfers:
If you wish to transfer your domain to another provider, please contact us at and provide the TAG holders details of your preferred provider.

Please note: We do not levy any charges for transferring your domain away from us to another provider.

Domain Cancellation:
If you no longer require the domain registration, please contact us at
Domain Abuse
If you wish to make a complaint because for example you are experiencing abuse, then please contact and advise us at

Note: You should expect to receive a response with a few hours and no more than 5 days.

If your complaint refers to a domain suffix ending with .UK and requires further escalation because you are not satisfied with our response, then you can contact Nominet at